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Laser Virtual Clock with Global Multinational Inve

Laser Virtual Clock with Global Multinational Inve

Certificates have been issued by some countries.

Virtual pointer
The display mode of intelligent laser virtual clock is fundamentally different from that of traditional solid wall clock. Unique optoelectronic technology display, hour hand, minute hand, second hand can analyze independent clock display, and the visual effect of second hand sweep is very shocking.
Super clock surface
Virtual projection, size adjustable: the traditional wall clock size is fixed, size is generally small, it is difficult to coordinate with the overall home decoration environment. Virtual clocks break through the size limitation of traditional wall clocks. By adjusting the distance between transmitter and wall, virtual clocks can get a better proportion and highly synergistic integration with the home environment. Especially, it solves the problem that the old people and myopic people can not see the time because the traditional clock is too small.
Millisecond accuracy
Precise measurement of time: like traditional clocks and watches, give full play to the timing function, remind the host to arrange and use time reasonably and effectively, avoid delays in important things, improve the efficiency of time use, and improve the output per unit time.
Intelligent Equipment
Strong sense of science and technology, highlighting personality: virtual clock belongs to the world's first, a variety of projection colors can be selected, intelligent adjustment of brightness, diversified clock surface projection effect, second-hand sweep visual effect shock, full sense of science and technology, can well highlight the host's aesthetic taste and personality characteristics, make the home space lively and flexible, enhance the artistic effect.

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Zhangzhou Jinshun Light Emitting Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwanese-funded enterprise) is a research and development/production/sales, professional services to customers. The company mainly produces: laser virtual projection clock, all kinds of laser related products, etc. Many products have been well received by the industry and applied in industry. The company has a sound sales and after-sales service system, and has set up a number of sales offices in China. The products sell well all over the country, covering the whole country, providing convenient and thoughtful services to customers, and the economic indicators rank first in the same industry in the country.
The company has strong technical force, perfect technology development system and strong innovation ability, and strict management concept and system for manufacturing process and process. In order to meet the needs of the market, the company has increased efforts and investment in technological transformation, one step a year, a new step a year. Since the establishment of the company, annual sales have increased year by year. The company adheres to the principle of "quality first, credit first, customer first", with high-quality products and enthusiastic service, makes friends with merchants from all over the world, and achieves good social and economic benefits. The company will further meet customer expectations, provide customers with adequate products, and make new contributions to the development of users.
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